Cổng thông tin điện tử

Ngành da giày túi xách việt nam

STT Name The Position in the Executive Board, Term VII Position in the business  Name of Business
1 Mr. Nguyen Duc Thuan Chairman Chairman of Board of Directors  Thai Binh JS Company (TBS GROUP)
2 Ms.Phan Thi Thanh Xuan Vice-Chairwoman, General Secretary   Vietnam Leather, Footwear and Handbags Association
3 Mr. Diep Thanh Kiet Vice-Chaiman General Director, Handbag Production Thai Binh JS Company (TBS GROUP)
4 Mr. Pham Hong Viet Vice-Chaiman Chairman of Board of Directors, General Director Hanoi Rubber JS Company
5 Mr. Ha Duy Hung Vice-Chaiman Chairman of Board of Directors, General Director Dong Hung Industrial JS Company
6 Mr. Nguyen Chi Thanh Vice-Chaiman General Director  Leather and Shoes Reserch Institute
7 Mr. Bui Manh Tuan Vice-Chaiman Principal  Ho Chi Minh City Trade and Industry College 
8 Mr. Nguyen Chi Trung Vice-Chaiman General Director Gia Đinh Shoes CO. LTD.
9 Mr. Nguyen Van Thinh Standing member General Director Viet A Investment and development JS Company
10 Mr. Phan Minh Luan Standing member Chairman of Board of Directors  TBS Eastern JS Co. (TBS GROUP)
11 Mr. Nguyen Van Khanh Standing member General Secretary Ho Chi Minh City Leather and Footwear Association
12 Mr. Luu Phuoc Dung Standing member Principal  Sonadezi Technology and Admistration College
13 Mr. Nguyen The Anh Member Chairman of Board of Directors  32 JS Company - Minstry of Defend 
14 Mr. Nguyen Tri Kien Member General Director Minh Tien bags JS Company
15 Mr. Le Van Thanh Member Chairman of Board of Directors  Dong Luc JS Company
16 Ms. Vuu Le Quyen Member General Director Binh Tien Dong Nai Co. LTD.
17 Mr. Tran Xuan Hien Member Vice-General Director An Lac Shoes JS Co.
18 Ms. Truong Thi Thuy Lien Member General Director Lien Phat CO. LTD.
19 Mr. Tran Van Tac Member General Director Tuan Viet Shoes Co. LTD.
20 Mr. Tran The Linh Member General Director Vien Thong Vien thinh Co. LTD.
21 Mr. Nguyen Van Khiem Member General Director Thuong Dinh Shoes JS Co.
22  Mr. Le Thanh Thuy Member Chairman of Board of Directors, General Director Vinh Yen Shoes JS Co.
23 Mr. Tran Thai Duong Member Director  Thai Duong Handbag Ltd. Co.
24 Mr. Dang Phong Member Director Tan Hiep Luc Mechanical Co. Ltd.
25 Mr. Nguyen Xuan Truc Member Chairman of Board of Directors  Ha Tay Chemical and Textile Ltd. Co.
26 Mr. Tran Vu Cuong Member Director Hanh Thien JS Co.
27 Mr. Nguyen Trong Phi Member Chairman of Board of Directors  Giovanni Group JS Co.
28 Mr. Ly Chan Nam Member Director Huynh De Tannary Hung Thai Co. Ltd. 
29 Mr. Le Huy Tien Member Director Huy Hoang Footwear Production CO. Ltd.  
30 Mr. Bui Hong Hoa Member President Hai Phong Leather and Shoes Association
31 Mr. Nguyen Quoc Tuan Member General Director Vinh Thong Production, Trade and Service Co.
32 Mr. Vu Van Hien Member Director Viet Shoes JS Co.
33 Mr. Trinh Doan Dung Member Director Khataco Ostrich and Crocodile Trading Company - a Branch of Khanh Viet Corporation
34 Mr. Doan Sy Loi Member Director Truong Loi Production and Trade Co. Ltd.
35 Mr. Doan Ngoc Hieu Member Marketing Direrctor Lidoco Co. Ltd.
36 Ms. Doan Thi Thu Ha Member General Director Thanh Hung Co. Ltd.