• Without TPP, Development and Integration Still Continue
  • Without TPP, Development and Integration Still Continue
  • Update :Tuesday, 4-11-2017
  • The likelihood of a Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) without the United States has raised concerns over its impacts on leather and footwear export, but in fact the leather and footwear industry has been, and will be, continuing to change and develop although TPP has not shaped or may be never shaped because Vietnamese footwear has strong competitiveness thanks to economic, political and social stability; abundant, cheap and skilful workforce; and a golden-age population. Vietnam is now the third largest footwear producer and exporter in the world (after China and India), with approximately 10 per cent of global market share. Footwear is the fourth largest export of Vietnam and accounts for 10 per cent of the country’s export turnover. In 2016, the export value of footwear and handbags reached US$16.2 billion, up 8.3 per cent from 2015, and is expected to come to nearly US$18 billion in 2017, up 10 per cent year on year. Notably, there is a change in export structure when high-valued segment has now reached 10 per cent or so from 5 per cent earlier.

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